Neil Young and mental health

I like Neil Young, he’s always seemed like an interesting person in the world of music. Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, the Crazy Horse years…he makes great music and seems to try and give a voice to those that we might not hear otherwise in some of his work. Outside of music he’s unafraid to speak his […]

Mental health is more than a prescription away

Being the general purpose psychology nerd that I am, I like to at least skim through articles that pop up that are related to some aspect of psychological science and that is how I came to read this article on depression treatments in Vox. It checked off a lot of boxes for me as I […]

Sunshine Education Summit

Hey MODzenters, I’m jumping out of the classroom on August 21 to talk about why you shouldn’t have slept through Intro Psychology! Beside the obvious reasons why you shouldn’t sleep through class we’re going to talk about some strategies to more successfully navigate your work day. Learn how to apply theories from the study of […]

What if Freud was right?

My students know my fondness for Freud. After all, I do have a plastic Sigmund Freud action figure that comes to class with me. I also have a plush Sigmund Freud doll and a coffee mug with Freud on it…important to note that all of these items were gifts. He is a bit of a […]